Peter Mills

After a short career in the Royal Marines, I needed to find a new career path. A close friend recommended I give his line of business a try; recruitment. Many years later and I have turned into an extremely passionate and proud staffing professional who thoroughly enjoys helping others to enhance their careers. In June 2019, my business partner and I launched Apointe, a business based on relationships.

You will continually hear professionals in our industry say something along the lines of; “it can be a challenging role, it can be stressful”. Well, of course it can, so can playing golf, but the truth is this: it can be fun and extremely rewarding.At Apointe, we pride ourselves on our delivery, while maintaining integrity, transparency and passion. We come to work every day to work hard so that others can do the same. We know that CVs do not tell you everything and we do our best to set the expectations of our clients and candidates. 


Every appointment a company makes is unique and needs to be tailored to their requirements, however, what they want from us, as a company, is usually pretty consistent. Apart from the obvious “quality candidate”, they want honest, transparent and communicative solutions that are drawn from a deep understanding of the market and the candidates on offer. 


As a company, we are not too proud to provide references. Should you be looking to partner a search/contingency recruitment company but you would like to get some testimonials, please let us know, we have clients and candidates willing to provide feedback to our prospective clients